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28 year old city gyal (who's a homebody) from Chicago who loves creating things.
I made a store called kikiskositas to make money on the side. I'm not meant for the work life, it's not in my bones! I've tried :P and failed! So it would be great if you shop with me.
I have 2 cats that i try to support but i exploit them on tiktok hopefully they will go viral and finally pay some rent.

interests - eating, sleeping, creating random things, anime, kpop, gaming, concerts, adopting cats

custom orders - if you want me to make you something different from what i have up on ig, here's the forms to fill out!

custom form link

custom orders - editing the custom order link please be patient! for now just shop what i have up on ig please and if u ARE waiting for the custom order form... DM me on ig so ur first in line to order.. first come first serve status ayyy

custom form link

contact - questions related to the shop? you can email me: [email protected]

contacting the shopkeeper

P.s this shop supports transrights, womens rights(andwrongs), the blm movement, free palestine movement, and mask up because we have to watch for the disabled community too!

you can donate, send tips and shop through these links!

other? just email me

paypal pay(msg on ig)

click "shop only" - shop purchases ONLY, uses stripe and paypal
click "kofi" - send donations/tips there - uses venmo, paypal and debit or credit

care instructions
it's best to hand wash cool - luke warm water
never twist / wring crochet items
no tumble dry

info on shipping
i use USPS the most since it's the cheapest. usually the price to ship with tracking is $4.13 (the cheapest i can make it)
i can use stamps and the shipping should be $2 and under (this is without tracking)
I reuse packaging to reduce/reuse/recycle!
I will usually share the packaging/ your item im packing in my stories and will most likely send a pic or vid to you wherever you contacted me from (ig or email)
LET ME KNOW BEFORE PURCHASE IF YOU WANT TO BE ANON, otherwise i will share your reviews/item im packing in the stories/highlights.

carrd credit :